Lillian F. Schwartz is best known internationally for bringing together the computer, peripherals, and programs to transform the computer into a toolkit for artists. Her meteoric career started to unfold when she worked as a nurse in the postwar occupied Japan. Between the ravaged cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki she became sick with polio and partially paralyzed, drawing and calligraphy became tools for her to escape these physical constrains. After returning to the US she started to experiment with new available technologies, and according to German-American physicist Arno Penzias that’s how computer art was born. At the age of 93-94, after over 80 years of not using pencil, conte crayon, or charcoal to draw, she returned to crayons and metallic ink to hand draw these images even though blind in one eye and having only 20% vision in the other. These are temporalised into a new video work, with a commissioned soundtrack by Chinese producer Hyph11E.


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