• How does it work?

    For the exhibition-tour: You will buy a ticket for a day and specific time-slot. You can arrive at any time within that time-slot to start your tour (it is more a guide to when to arrive to spread visitors throughout the day). You may have to wait to be formed into a small group before the exhibition-tour will begin (they will leave approximately every 15 minutes). The first 45 minutes of the tour will follow a linear path, after that you will enter a larger gallery space where you can move and observe as you please. The total experience will take approximately 2 hours. The works do not change from day-to-day.


    For the performances: Please buy a tick as usual. Arrive early to avoid delays due to COVID-19 safety protocol. Doors open at 7pm.

  • When is it open?

    After its public launch on Tuesday 28.09 – the exhibition is open every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until October 29. Concerts are on Thursday nights, with the opening on Sunday 26. September and the closing on Saturday 30. October.

  • What are the COVID-19 measures (and which documents do I have to bring)?

    We are conscious of the fact that the mandated rules can change quickly and we will be responsive to any new regulations.

    For the exhibition-tours: please arrive with a FFP2 mask and wear it at all times during the exhibition. The tours are scheduled in small groups according to government regulations. Bring a negative Antigen or PCR test or proof of vaccination on arrival. If you notice any Corona symptoms or have contracted COVID-19, please stay at home. Please check this page again for further information shortly before your tour.

    For the performances: For all concerts the so-called “2G” rules will apply. 2G stands for Geimpfte and Genesene (‘vaccinated persons’ and ‘recovered persons’). In order to gain entrance to the venue for the concerts, you will need to show a valid proof of vaccination (Impfnachweis) or a proof of recovery (Genesenennachweis). A negative PCR or antigen-test will not allow entry to the venue. For further information please contact [email protected]

  • Will the tickets be refunded in case the project is cancelled?

    We are trying to make the project as compatible as possible with the changing regulations. However we have to face the slim possibility that new restrictions will make the exhibition impossible to run. In this case all tickets will be refunded minus any third party fees charged by ticket service providers.

  • Are the tickets personalised?

    In order to follow best practice with regard to contact-tracing of infections, all tickets are personalised. Please note that tickets are non-transferable and must be presented at the entrance to the venue.

  • Are there toilets and other amenities?

    There will be a toilet prior to entering, there will be only very limited toilet access in the first 45 minutes of the exhibition-tour. After that the Kraftwerk toilets will be available. A bar will be outside for refreshments before and after the exhibition-tour.

  • Does the exhibition-tour involve a lot of physical activity?

    Yes, there is quite a lot of walking involved in the exhibition-tour. In the first section there are some longer walks down basements and up staircases. If you want to know more or discuss different possibilities for your visit please speak to someone on site or write to [email protected]

  • Is the exhibition-tour available for people with limited mobility?

    The exhibition is accessible, but only through a specific alternative tour, as  staircases are unavoidable. For this reason, we ask you to please contact the team at [email protected] before your visit if you want to discuss this. Holders of a Schwerbehindertenausweises can of course take an accompanying person with them free of charge.

  • Is the exhibition-tour suitable for people with epilepsy?

    The exhibition-tour involves flashing lights, appearing screens and video projections. To find out more about if this might be a problem for a possible medical condition please contact [email protected]

  • Can I buy tickets on the door?

    Because of our COVID-19 safety rules we will not operate a cash front of house – but you can purchase an online ticket when you arrive, right up until the time of your entry.

  • Are the organisers liable for injuries I might suffer visiting the exhibition?

    The organisers are unable to accept liability or responsibility for injury or damage by anyone who enters the premises.

  • Are children allowed?

    In principle people of all ages are allowed. Some parts of the exhibition-tour involve darkness and loud noises. Some artworks deal with adult themes. Please contact [email protected] for further information.

  • Are animals allowed?

    This exhibition has been primarily curated for human animals. Small animals like insects, rodents or tame birds may be brought on the person of the attending visitor and do not require an extra ticket. Because of the nature of the exhibition-tour we do not recommend dogs or other larger animals. Assistance dogs are welcome.

Kraftwerk is open to the public Tuesday, Wednesdays and Friday to Sunday, for a unique exhibition tour that places over 20 site-specific works from large-scale audio-visual pieces, in situ installations and musical apparitions throughout the Kraftwerk complex. It operates as a sequenced series of site-specific interventions from leading international sound and visual artists, channeling an audience’s experience through organised time. It involves a walk through unexplored areas of the Kraftwerk with artworks appearing and disappearing in choreographed succession. Borrowing the logic of a ‘ghost-train’ the sequence of artwork-apparitions is set as if according to a musical score. The boundaries between things shift and reassemble. Seeing and hearing happens in a chain reaction, a circulation of kinetic energy. Follow the yellow light and don’t go backwards.

A full experience unfolds over approximately 2 hours. Entries every 15 minutes. Tickets available now.

Concerts are held in the main hall approximately every week – celebrating a return to live performance in the Kraftwerk after almost two years of silence and dark.


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